Call Intelligence Platform | What Are The Benefits?

We all know the benefits of Pay Per Call advertising and its power in generating quality leads for businesses of all sorts. If you are a business owner or a marketer, you are probably also looking for an opportunity to maximize your marketing results. In today’s world, when digital marketing has taken over every other marketing strategy, one simply cannot ignore the importance of phone call tracking.

In pay per click advertising, you can identify the location and page source of each click you get. But what happens if a customer decides to call you? How do you know which ad publisher got you this call? How do you know which keyword the caller search for?

This is where call intelligence comes to the rescue. Call intelligence platform makes inbound calls measurable, visible, and traceable. Let’s take a look at how call intelligence can help you with better marketing automation:

1. Better Segmentation:

Segmentation is very important for determining the success of a marketing program. Call intelligence can assist you in segmenting your audience more efficiently by giving you the information about the following:

  • Geographic Location
  • Audience type and the Potential Buyer’s character
  • Product Interest
  • Call Outcome
  • Customer Psychology
  • Competitor Threat

Effective segmentation can help you analyze your potential leads more efficiently. You can then make necessary changes in your advertising message and also offer more competitive offers to convert your leads.

2. Multi-Channel Attribution:

Phone calls can become valuable conversions, and you will need to keep track on these offline conversions. Tracking the phone calls may sound like a complex task to carry out, but with CallerReady’s call intelligence platform, you can easily implement call tracking into your process. Here are a few things you can do with call intelligence.

  • Use unique phone numbers on digital and printed marketing material. This will let you know which call came from an email marketing campaign, a website landing page, or a printed brochure.
  • Incorporate your CRM with your call intelligence platform. When you get a call to your tracking phone number, the CRM will automatically create a new record or update the current lead record.
  • This information will accredit the relevant campaigner/publisher for each conversion.

It becomes nearly impossible to attribute a conversion to the relevant advertisement publisher without a call intelligence software.

3. Better Personalization:

In this era of mass communication and computerization, you simply cannot overlook the importance of personalization. You can segment your audience better with call intelligence. You can also use it to improve your promotional efforts by making more personalized campaigns.

With the help of a call intelligence platform like CallerReady, you can listen to your potential customers and understand their interest in your product. You can also analyze at which point in your sales process your customer walks away and why. With all this resourceful information at your disposal, you can make necessary changes. This gives you the power to reach out to your potential customers better and also speed up their movement in the sales funnel.

To sum up – call intelligence allows you to:

  • Know where your customer is coming from
  • Analyze which publishers get you the most leads.
  • Know which campaigns are performing and why
  • Quickly convert your potential buyers by building better relationships at every stage of the call.

If you want to create a better relationship with your potential customers  you need to integrate call intelligence into your current marketing strategy. When calls are your business, make CallerReady your platform.