Boost Your Email Marketing with Phone Calls & Call Intelligence


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Everyone has heard that email will soon be an outdated channel, but smart marketers know that this isn’t the case at all. Email still remains one of the most profitable channels for driving sales and relationship building and mobile phone calls have seen an explosion in popularity as more and more people are on the go and prefer the ease of quickly being able to connect with someone.

With the rise of today’s mobile obsessed culture, businesses need to deliver a true omnichannel experience to their customers and that needs to include email. How can email be integrated and how can phone calls make your campaigns more successful? It’s simple. By using call intelligence technology, suddenly you are sending personal, relevant emails that customers will be engaged by. When your organization decides to step up and integrate every single part of the customer experience, they gain a competitive advantage and see increased conversion rates, higher client satisfaction and a boost in retention. Here are three ways that phone calls can drive your email campaigns:

Make It Easy for Your Customers to Call

Some people prefer human interaction, others get frustrated trying to complete a form on their mobile. By giving your customers the option to have a conversation with your business, whenever is the most convenient for them is absolutely necessary for today’s omnichannel environment. Always have your contact number clearly displayed in your messages and part of your call to action. Don’t ever make it difficult for a customer to have to search for your phone number. If they have to look it up, chances are they will also find your competitors.
Get Personal

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Call intelligence allows you to truly segment and personalize your email marketing campaigns. By understanding the customer’s geographic location, age, gender and many other data points that get captured through IVR qualification and phone conversations, you can create super-targeted email campaigns. Another option is to follow up with a customer via email after a phone conversation and it can be personalized with phrases and conversation points that occurred during the call. It is an excellent option for remarketing in an extremely personalized fashion with a relevant offer to a potential customer that was close but did not convert.
Real ROI Insight

Calculating the ROI of email campaigns can be tricky and misleading. Results may indicate low conversion numbers when in fact the campaign was incredibly successful, however, people chose to call in to purchase. With call intelligence, you can track and attribute phone calls to your email campaign or any offline activity. By using a unique phone number associated with a specific campaign, your calls and clicks are all seamlessly tracked providing accurate ROI reporting.

By teaming up emails and phone calls, your organization can deliver the omnichannel experience that customer expect. Using call intelligence to personalize and bring incredible targeting opportunities to your email campaigns is a win-win for both your business and your customers.

To learn more about how Caller Ready’s call tracking and unique trackable phone numbers can optimize your email campaigns and provide complete source attribution, connect with one of our customer success managers. If you are ready to embrace call intelligence technology and drive more value from your email marketing campaigns, your business is ready for Caller Ready.