Boost Pay Per Call Profitability

pay per call

What are two of the simplest yet most effective ways to boost your pay per call profitability?
Optimize your routing and screen for call quality. Pay per call campaigns are designed to deliver profits via high quality, high converting leads through direct, personalized phone conversations with your business. That being said, not all campaigns, tactics and pay-per-call platforms are created equal. Here is how the CallerReady platform can help your organization optimize two key areas that will substantially increase your pay per call success.

Optimize Routing:


Today, most organizations large or small have some degree of automated service on their IVR system, whether it is a basic voice recording advising a customer to hold until an agent is available or interactive prompts that will send the caller to a specific department or group.

To increase profitability, optimize the customer’s journey for a better experience. Best practices include:

  • Asking qualifying questions
  • Use action phrases such as ‘To speak to a sales associate now, press 1.’
  • Keep all messages and prompts, clear and short

With CallerReady’s dynamic call distribution, your inbound pay per call customers can be sent to your best available agent within seconds. Our CompleteTrackability software informs your system who was awarded the call, if it met the minimum duration required for affiliate payment, captures a recording of the conversation and can be attributed to the correct publisher and campaign. Dynamic call distribution that is amazingly fast and completely customizable based on your organization’s requirements along with robust tracking and monitoring drives better conversions and profitability opportunities for each pay per call lead that you receive.

Quality Screening


Receiving quality leads and phone calls are the keys to campaigns overall success. Paying distribution partners or affiliates a higher commission rate can help in ensuring that your business receives qualified pay per call leads, however, distribution partners will not be filtering each of your calls. As an organization, if you are not screening for quality, irrelevant leads will slip through and waste the time and resources of your associates – or even worse, tie up phone lines and make a high-quality prospect wait on hold. Common, reliable screening filters can include:

  • Caller location
  • New callers versus repeat callers
  • Date and time
  • Prompt selection

The CallerReady Qualify & Transfer Sales CRM takes the guesswork out of screening for quality calls. Our affordable and completely customizable system allows your business to easily qualify and transfer calls while managing your sales process to its fullest potential.

By focusing on optimizing your call routing and screening calls, your business can boost pay per call profitability on all campaigns. If you would like more information on how CallerReady can help your business drive profits, contact a member of our team today.