Best Automatic Call Distribution Software + Infographic

Recently CallerReady was granted a patent for a new revolutionary call distribution technology that allows publishers to offer the call to multiple call buyers simultaneously. This technology has three big advantages compared to other call distribution systems – it reduces the hold time for the caller, it increases the conversion rates for the advertiser, and it gets the highest call price to the publisher.

The same principle is used in awarding calls to different call agents within the same organization.

Single-Buyer vs Multi-Buyer
Call Distribution

Non Branded Ads

The publisher runs a non-branded ad campaign which allows them to drive calls to several buyers.


Other pay-per-call platforms offer the call to only one call buyer at a time.


CallerReady offers the call to multiple competing buyers simultaneously.

Single Call Buyer

Each new call is distributed to a single call buyer without requiring that a person is available immediately to take the call. This type of distribution increases the wait time for the caller

Multiple Call Buyers

CallerReady’s automatic call distribution software uses a call auction system which puts several call buyers in competition for the call.

Dropped Calls

Long hold time leads to an increase in dropped calls. Callers who wait on the phone become fatigued and are more likely to hang up.

Fewer Conversions

Studies show that callers who wait a long time on hold become less likely to engage in a productive sales conversation and make a purchase.

Reduced Hold Time

The call auction system reduces the lead time to get a human-to-human connection, as call buyers are competing to answer the phone as quickly as possible.

Higher Call Price

Calls are sold at the highest price. Caller Ready accomplishes this by staging the call competition by buyers' effective cost-per-call and strategic priority.

How Does the Multi-Buyer Call Distribution System Work?

Call Distribution to agents
within an organization

Branded Ads

With this pay-per-call approach, the company (advertiser) pays a publisher or ad network directly.

The calls are then sent exclusively to the advertiser.

Competitor :
Progressive Ring

This systems will call one agent at a time based on who’s been waiting the longest for a call, without requiring that the agent is actually available to take call.

CallerReady :
Call Competition

CallerReady's technology offers the call to multiple competition where prioritize the call order to ensure higher weighted agent(s) get a head start. The first agent that indicates that he/she is ready to take the call s connected to the customer.


Often, agents receive a call even though they are not able to take it. This can create a scenario where the customer may be placed on hold for an extended period of time, grow frustrated and may hangup due the agent unavailability.


This method decreases the percentage of dropped calls. Customers are happier because they are connected to a live agent faster.

To learn how CallerReady’s call distribution system presents the caller ID while protecting the personal information of the caller and preserving the important geo information used for routing visit Automatic Call Distribution System + Infographic

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