Just a Few Benefits of Call Tracking | CallerReady



Recently, call tracking has become a big deal in marketing. It enables you to assign a different phone number to each of your marketing campaigns (online and offline). Each of these numbers will then be forwarded to your main business phone number, allowing your staff to answer as if the call were made directly to that line. Call tracking can provide various benefits to your company. Here are some of the benefits your business can get when using a call tracking software:

Evaluate your marketing campaign

Data from call tracking makes it much easier to monitor and quantify the success of your marketing campaign. Call tracking offers a clearer picture of which ads are producing the best results. The information available from call tracking can also help you measure the effectiveness of your sales and marketing team. Measurable metrics from call tracking include:

  • Customer geolocation
  • Publisher performance
  • Campaign and keyword performance
  • Landing page performance
  • Volume of calls
  • Length of calls
  • Conversion rate

You can track ROI better

Call tracking gives you plenty of information to help you determine your actual return on investment from each marketing campaign. Using unique phone numbers can give you a better idea of what ads are producing the most profit.

You can determine peak call hours

Call tracking allows you to record exactly when calls are made to your business. With this information, you can pinpoint exactly which days and which hours of the day you receive the most calls. This can allow you to more efficiently schedule work hours for your staff.

Allows you to make quick decisions

Call tracking software gives you the ability to produce reports with real-time information about callers, call lengths, the number of calls, and more. This information can be accessed at any time to give you the ability to make quick decisions regarding your advertising spend.

Improves call forwarding

It allows you to forward a call to the right staff member immediately. It’s a great way to handle callers and their queries. By tracking where the caller came from, you can better route the call to the most qualified agent.

Call recording

You can also record your calls. This can give you some very valuable information. You can discover what kind of problems your customers are experiencing or what products they prefer. Some information just cannot be collected through analytics and it’s better to listen to your customers.

It can help refine your SEO

It can help improve your search engine optimization as well. You can use it to collect information regarding your pay per click marketing to see exactly what keywords are producing calls. You can then use these keywords to optimize your website with keyword-focused content.

Allows you to compare advertising channels

The use of unique phone numbers that can be tracked can also allow you to make quick comparisons between different channels you may be using for your ads. For example, you may discover that your newspaper advertising is actually producing very few conversions. You can then make the decision to focus on other channels that are more profitable.

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