Automatic Call Distribution System + Infographic

Currently, there are two flawed ways of presenting the caller ID in competitive calls – systems that Display the Caller’s Phone Number and systems that use a Static Alternative Caller ID. Both call distribution systems have major limitations that either compromise the caller’s personal information or cannot transmit important geographical components that are used for call routing.

CallerReady’s new patented automatic call distribution system uses a superior call identification masking technology that solves both problems.

Different Approaches to Presenting
The Caller ID in Competitive Calls


Present either the callers' real phone numbers to the potential call buyers or uses a static Caller ID masking number.


CallerReady uses a proprietary caller identification masking system which allows publishers to offer the call to multiple buyers simultaneously without diminishing the value of the exclusive call lead and also preserving enough of the caller's information so the call can be routed based on geography within the call distribution systems of the potential buyers and allowable the call to be tracked.

Display Caller's
Phone Number

Those systems will sequentially call one call-buyer at a time. If one buyer does not pick up the phone, the next buyer in line receives the call.

Static Alternative
Caller ID

With this approach, a static or constant number is used in place of all callers' telephone numbers for a given marketing campaign and this same static number is displayed to all competing buyers.

Caller Identification
Masking System

This automatic call distribution system disaggregates the caller's telephone number from related important pieces of information used to track and geographically distribute the call.

Reduction of Value

If multiple buyers were to receive the caller's phone number, each of them would have sufficient information to contact the customer and the “exclusivity” value of the caller's information is therefore diminished by the act of transmitting their phone number.

Call Geographic

This approach does not transmit any information about the geography of the caller. Additionally the call is difficult to reference and audit.

Many call-buyers depend on using area codes, for the purpose of automated call distribution/routing.

Info Collection

CallerReady's system preserves the area code and prefix which contains important geographic information for routing, while keeping it unique and trackable.

Once the call reaches a billable qualification threshold, CallerReady reveals the personal information to the buyer.

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