5 Steps Needed To Sell Leads

Learning how to sell leads can benefit a wide variety of people and companies. Certain companies might generate leads they are unable to use because they already have an excess or the leads they’ve generated aren’t appropriate for their specific field or location. Other companies or individuals generate leads for the express purpose of selling them to other businesses. Regardless of which category you find yourself in, lead selling can create a source of income. In this post we’ll find out how that’s done.

1. Identify Your Customers

This is also known as deciding on a focus industry or choosing a vertical. Leads are typically sold to service providers. Common industries known for buying leads include insurance, home improvements and repairs, law firms, personal improvement and many others. Another segment of lead buyers are companies who resell leads and may also be known as lead aggregators or wholesale buyers.

2. Determine The Information Needed To Sell Leads

Lead buying customers will require specific information regarding the leads you are trying to sell them. This information could include names, email addresses, phone numbers, locations or other demographic details. Identifying the type of information your lead buyers require is a prerequisite to your success.

3. Generate The Leads

If your company already generates leads and finds itself with an excess or leads that aren’t appropriate for your business or location, you will already have an access point to lead generation. If you are looking to create a company to sell leads, you will need to generate these leads by placing online ads, utilize search engine optimization to drive traffic to a website, use social media marketing to identify interested customers and other methods to find customers interested in your chosen field. Another alternative is to buy leads from another company with the intention of reselling them.

4. Assemble A Buyer Network

Finding the target market for your leads is essential to creating revenue from the information you’ve generated or bought. Contacting service providers (also known as retail buyers) directly and offering them quality leads for a price can be the most profitable method of selling leads, but it also requires a lot of legwork and sales skills. You may also want to target lead aggregators or wholesale marketers. However, because they plan to resell your leads you will likely see lower profit margins than selling directly to retail buyers.

5. Deliver Your Leads

How you transfer your lead information will be highly dependent on the customer’s needs. A sole proprietor such as a plumber might simply need a sheet of paper with a list of phone numbers, whereas a lead aggregator will likely need a very specific method of delivering customers and information directly to their call centers or customer relationship management software. It’s also possible that you may have multiple competing buyers for your leads which may require specialized software platforms to organize lead delivery.

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