5 Industries That Should Use Call Tracking

A major problem that most businesses face when they receive an inbound call is that they lose trackability when the lead has left their webpage to call them. That’s a huge blind spot for marketers because they cannot get the same useful information that’s available when tracking clicks such as which campaigns and keywords led to a conversion. With call conversion rates going as high as 30-50%, call tracking can help for better optimization and even higher conversion rates.

Thanks to call tracking, marketers are provided with information such as the keywords, ads, and landing pages that help the CSRs have a productive conversation with the lead. Effective call tracking allows marketers and promoters to avoid losing potential customers. But who should track their phone calls?

Let’s take a look at 5 industries that depend heavily on phone calls:

1. Home Services:

If you run a home improvement business, it’s more likely that a customer will call you directly instead of fill out a form and wait for your call. Because the customer often has an immediate need, they are more likely to call your business right away. Suppose a person needs plumbing services late at night. The first thing they will do is type that keyword in their favorite search engine and hopefully see your ad with a call button on it.

2. Legal Services

It probably won’t surprise you that keywords such as “lawyer” and “attorney” are the two most expensive search terms on Bing. Each click and every phone call is invaluable in the world of legal services. Because people pay a lot of money for legal advice, they like to make a personal connection and call the law office directly.

3. Hotels and Travels

Those who are in the hotel and travel industry know that the most important part of the booking process is the phone call. Even though a lot of people book their own vacations, there are plenty of travelers who need a travel advisor and will want to talk to one on the phone.

4. Automotive

There’s more about automotive industry than just buying cars. There’s maintenance, dents, oil changes, repairs and much more. Whether you are an authorized dealer or run a local garage, you will receive calls from car owners for many reasons. If you’ve got a website, they will land their eventually using certain keywords, and they will call you.

5. Education

Education is surely the most important factor that determines a child’s future. Getting the right school for kids is a very important stepping stone towards ensuring quality education. Choosing the right school for kids comes with many decisions parents have to make such as choosing location, housing, career counseling, extra-curricular activities, disability support, tuition, guidance services, etc. Education sector is among those industries which receive tons of calls every day, especially when a new session is about to start. Education is a highly competitive industry. So the marketers need to know that they get good returns on their paid search efforts, and the best possible way to do so is by tracking your inbound calls.

If you are not using a call tracking service, you have no visibility as to which ad led to the call and what the customer said on the phone. Using call tracking software, allows you to track the caller from the moment they type the search term to the moment they hang up the phone. To maximize your ROI it is a must that you use call tracking and make inbound calls your best friend. The customer wants to talk to you and she will choose to call you immediately after reaching your website instead of waiting for you to call. If you are not tracking your phone calls brought in by paid search, you are not brining the best out of your marketing efforts. Ads are paid, and you should get best return for your investments. For more information, visit our call tracking page or call us at 877-800-4844.