4 Things You Should Know to Improve Call Conversions

As a marketer, you probably know that users online are surfing the internet more than ever. Many internet users prefer to use smartphones to desktop or laptop computers. Mobile is becoming an easy and convenient way of staying connected while on the move. It follows then that phone call volumes are increasing and marketers have to think about call conversions.

Many internet marketers have had to deal with stagnant conversion rates. Many still experience conversations that go nowhere, despite having a responsive web design, easy navigation and carrying out A/B tests. Here are three tips to how you can change this through landing page optimization and call tracking:
Modify the Way You Look at Conversions
Conversions are not just form sign ups. Consumers want to get things done faster and they seek immediate answers on the phone. Start taking phone calls as an integral part of your conversion efforts.

Be Aware of the Nature of Phone Calls You Receive

When you start to recognize that you can take advantage of your offline conversions through customer phone calls, you need to start paying attention to the source of your phone call. Phone calls offer promising leads that convert into sales a lot faster than web leads. A prospect who made the effort to call your business has higher intention to seek your service or buy your product than someone who just filled out a form on your website. Make sure you use a tracking system that can tell you as much about this user as possible.
Perk Up Your Landing Pages
Optimizing your website is very important for conversions. To acquire potential clients either online or offline, your landing pages should prompt the user to take a specific action. If you want them to call your business, make sure that you place your phone number strategically. Usually, the upper right corner is a good place for your phone number. Also, make sure that you have a strong call to action and invite customers to call.

Phone Tracking
To make the most out of your phone calls, you’ll need a reliable call tracking system. A good call tracking software can provide you with the same important metrics you can get with pay per click. You can track your phone calls right down to the keyword level and optimize your campaign accordingly. For more information about call tracking visit callerready.com or call 877-800-4844