4 Reasons Why Click To Call Is Even More Crucial In 2018

Click to call has been around for what seems like forever now. And because of this, many people who make their living online take this feature for granted. But even though early iterations of the technology were first patented over 25 years ago (which actually IS forever when it comes to online technologies!), click to call has become even more important as we pass through the first quarter of 2018. Why has this happened and what makes click to call more crucial than ever?

1. It’s Simple To Implement

As opposed to the olden days when click to call technology was a patented, hugely guarded secret, today it’s a simple piece of open source code that anyone can easily install. Seriously, this is all the code you need to make a phone number clickable:

You’ll find grade school students working with more complex commands. And if it still looks like a foreign alphabet to you, ask around, you’ll know someone who can help you.

2. The Mega Corps Are Introducing It To Your Grandparents

A recent Guardian headline asked, “Is Facebook for old people? Over-55s flock in as the young leave.” It was a well known secret long before a print publication decided to write about it, but the fact is that people who grew up with rotary phones are coming around to Facebook in droves. The company has only been using conventional click to call technology since 2015, so there’s still a lot of room for the late adopters to learn. And with Facebook recently unveiling “Click2Whatsapp,” the technology has yet to achieve critical mass. Get onboard already, it’s 2018!

3. Click To Call Offers A Path Of Least Resistance

When someone’s searching for the information they need and decide they’re ready to pick up the phone, make it easy for them! Click to call is the most direct way to get you on the phone. You don’t want your potential customer trying to memorize your number as they switch screens. For someone without a teenager’s nimble thumbs, copy and paste can be an exercise in frustration. Create a simple pathway directly to your phone by allowing them to connect with a single tap of a button.

4. Click To Call Works With All Interfaces

We’re constantly told by headlines and talking heads that smartphones are taking over. Really? You don‘t need headlines to understand that. Just look around when you’re walking down the street. However, click to call doesn’t work with just mobile phones. Because VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) was originally designed for computers, people can still click to call from a laptop. And with more and more machines coming preloaded with Skype, even the lowly desktop user can click your button.

CallerReady Is Here To Help

The fact is, people still want to use a phone number. However, they probably don’t want to dial it the same way they used to. Seen a working rotary phone lately? Make your customer’s life easier and update your online presence. If it’s something you’re too busy to worry about, that’s why CallerReady is here. Get in touch today.