What general marketing advice do you have for education marketers as they look forward?

Video Transcription

Joe Charlson : If you’re not maximizing the search channel, you need to do that. Paid search or organic search. Paid is easier, perhaps, to master than organic. But the reason Google is such a wonderful company and the opportunity for marketers is its intent. It’s expressing the intent. And you can, through sophisticated techniques, find customers at different stages of your marketing funnel and give them the right experience to respond and educate themselves. So search is key.

Once you’ve done search, you need to understand how to partner with affiliates or aggregators in the space. I mean that is a unique – one of the unique things about education marketing is the role of lead aggregators. They do play a central role and it actually derives from search, because they can be more effective on general search terms, top of the funnel. They represent 1,000 schools and then some. If you’re education marketer you’re representing anywhere from one school to several hundred at most. So economies of scale, aggregators have a role to play. And as a savvy education marketer in 2010, you need to understand that channel and how to have good strong relationships with them