Using Bing Ads for Pay Per Call Marketing

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Many marketers make the mistake of only using Google AdWords as an online advertising platform. While Google is the largest and has recently added Call-Only ads that help enhance pay per call results, Bing should not be overlooked. Bing Ads also offers similar services but most importantly can help digital marketers expand their reach and pinpoint a new target market on another search engine. Bing users are in general slightly older and have a higher income than Google users, making them a good lead opportunity. If you are unclear how to start capturing attention by launching a Bing call marketing campaign, here are a few tips to get started.


Proper Keywords


No matter what the platform, all pay per call campaigns need smart, target keywords for your ads to succeed. If you want your ad in front of the right consumer, it needs to have the keywords that they will be using to search for your product or service. If you are not sure how you can find the best keywords for your campaign, Bing offers a great tool. Bing’s keyword planner will help you pinpoint the best geographic locations, best keywords and help you select a bid strategy.


Call Extensions

call marketing

When using Bing Ads, you will need a call extension to enable the pay per call feature. With Bing, you can also choose where your number will be displayed in the advertisement. There are two options:


Smartphone only – For a mobile marketing strategy, this is designed for smartphones and you can select your own click-to-call number to display to receive detailed click reporting only. Or,  you can also use the Bing Ads exclusive access to free Skype calls for tablet and PC users.


Any device – Will position your ad in front of PC, smartphone and tablet users and you can select a local or toll-free number that can be used. Depending on where geographically your ads are being displayed, Bing call tracking may be able to be activated so that you can view campaign analytics that includes call duration, area code or call type.


No matter what advertising platform you are using, CallerReady’s Call Marketing Platform can help you ensure the success of all of your call marketing campaigns. Understand your data better and manage lead to call qualification and your entire sales process. Since we have started we have offered integration into a number of platforms to help you drive better campaigns. For more information, contact a member of our team today.