Pay Per Call

Pay Per Call advertising is a very profitable way to generate quality leads, which will increase the rate of conversion. The advertiser pays a bid rate which is determined by the number of calls generated by an ad, and if the call meets certain specifications, such as call length. It’s similar to Pay Per Click marketing, but the prospect is connected to an agent instead of completing a lead form on a web landing page. There’s a wide range of benefits to Pay Per Call, including the ability to customize the geographic location, targeting of a mobile-driven market, and interaction with individuals while they have a high intent to purchase.

What Is Pay-Per-Call?

Pay Per Call is a form of lead generating marketing. Advertisers will pay publishers for qualified leads. The publishers will host an ad that contains a unique phone number. The phone number will track how well the ad itself, and the partnership is performing. As there is an unlimited number of potential publishers, there are benefits for both the advertisers and affiliate publishers.

Pay-Per-Call Marketing

Pay Per Call allows publishers to drive customer calls to the advertisers. Customers who respond to the Pay Per Call ads are high value to the advertiser. These customers tend to be more interested, and therefore are likely to convert. The advertiser will be able to specify the minimum call length that a qualified lead must be. The publisher gets an agreed amount per every call that meets the specification. The advertisers can increase their leads, while the publishers receive a fee, and share relevant, targeted partner ads with their audience.

Call Tracking

Pay Per Call uses unique and dynamic source tracking numbers. The phone number associated with the ad is unique and specially created for that business. Using a unique number allows you to generate clear tracking reports on how the ad is performing. If every campaign has its own unique number then it will give better reports and analysis for every individual campaign. Pay Per Call works for online ads as well. A unique code is attached to the website to track calls that are coming in from online sources. This can help to provide insight into other data, such as the keyword search that led to the point of connection online.

Further Monetize Your Online Efforts With Pay-Per-Call

Marketers are in an omnichannel world, and can’t rely on a web-only experience. Pay Per Call allows marketers to provide customers with a much more personalized experience. Inserting dynamic numbers instantly allows you to track the entire digital path of the visitor who makes the call. Marketers insert a snippet of code on the web page, and numbers are created automatically for each individual visitor. Marketers can allow visitors to call from the web page in a way that is immediate, direct and personal.

Marketers can get better value for money for paid searches by using pay per call marketing. In fact, 45% of phone calls in 2015 was a result of mobile search alone. It’s possible to take advantage of this by including click to call functionality in the paid search ad. This means that it is very simple for searchers to go from the search results to a phone call. A pay per call solution allows marketers to monetize their paid search as it attributes ROI to the paid search ad, ad group and the keywords that led the searcher to the call in the first place.

The use of mobile has revolutionized the way that consumers are engaging with business, as it blurs the line between online and offline interaction. Although mobile isn’t a practical way for businesses to interact with the mobile users, click to call helps users connect to the business instantly at the click of a single button. Pay per call means that marketers can monetize the mobile traffic across all online and offline channels.

Why You Need Pay-Per-Call

Modern consumers use mobile devices for pretty much everything, and 67% of the buyer’s journey is digital. People rely on their devices to find and research local businesses. According to Google, the number of people searching for businesses and services ‘near me’ has increased by 130% over last year.

Many small, local businesses are using click to call and pay per call advertising to great advantage. Businesses that fulfill an immediate need, such as a repairman and businesses that use appointments, such as dentists are seeing enormous benefits from pay per call. Although, other businesses can use the various methods of pay per call as well., for example, by setting up a placement on an out of business, abandoned phone line. For instance, if a landscaping service has gone out of business, another landscaping business could use the number to set up a pay per call campaign which would re-direct customers calling the abandoned number to the other business.

Essentially, successful pay per call advertising is based on the fact that consumers are looking for better, faster, more convenient services, especially when they are ready to make a purchase. The fastest way to satisfy customers and answer their questions is through a phone call.