Pay Per Call Advertising: Which Businesses Benefit Most?

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Pay per call advertising isn’t for every business.  Certain types of businesses benefit more from pay per call advertising than others.  How can you tell if your business would benefit from a pay per call advertising campaign?  In this article, we’ll go over a few of the business types which profit most from pay per call campaigns, why such advertising works to their advantage and some methods to maximize the effectiveness of those campaigns.


Home Repairs


Businesses providing home repair services such as plumbers, HVAC specialists, locksmiths or even cleaners and junk removal services are big beneficiaries of pay per call marketing.  This makes sense because someone in need of home repair services is typically not making a discretionary decision but one that’s likely forced due to an emergency such as a flood, lack of heating or a broken lock.  A phone call is the quickest way for a customer in dire need to get the service they require.  Advertising copy that reflects that state of urgency and provides an easy click to call action will see the best results.


Automobile Services


Automotive repair falls under a similar category to home repairs in that people looking for service are usually in a state of urgency and are looking for a specialist to help them get their automobile back in working order as quickly as possible.  For this reason, tow trucks, windshield repair services, tire specialists and other businesses involved in getting a vehicle up and running receive some of the best results from pay per call advertising.  These businesses benefit greatly from targeted location advertising as a stranded motorist wants to be tended to and sent back on their way as soon as possible.


Legal Professionals


Someone in need of legal representation requires the ability to contact a professional in a timely manner and be able to explain their situation while receiving understanding and advice in real time.  A phone call is, by far, the best way to facilitate this kind of communication.  That being said, there are many technicalities when it comes to advertising legal services, so these must be taken into account before launching an ad campaign.  Additionally, explaining your services clearly in the ad will ensure you only receive calls that are relevant to your business.  And targeting an advertising audience that corresponds with your location will lower the number of inapplicable calls.


Pay Per Call Beneficiaries


As can be seen from this partial list, businesses that provide urgent service in a specific location are the biggest beneficiaries of pay per call advertising.  CallerReady has the world’s most powerful pay per call platform to help performance marketers scale their campaigns for businesses such as these.  Contact CallerReady to schedule a meeting today.


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