Pay Per Call Advertising Benefits

pay per call advertising

In today’s world, there are so many different methods and advertising channels, that marketers need to be very strategic about where to invest their marketing spend. Return on Investment is the key metric and bench mark that marketers use to determine the success of a particular campaign or advertising channel.

One type of advertising in particular, in recent years, has proven very successful in generating new leads, sales and profits for businesses. What is so successful? It is pay per call advertising and it can attract prospects from the web, paid search, print ads, television and the huge player in today’s world, mobile search. Currently, it provides one of the best marketing ROIs.

Benefits of Pay Per Call Advertising

Part of the beauty of pay per call is that it does not only rely on a web only experience. With pay per call, marketers can customize the customer journey and experience and drive personalized, relevant conversations. With unique trackable phone numbers that are assigned to various campaigns, marketers have complete visibility to the entire digital path that led that prospect to call their business.

Another huge benefit of pay per call advertising is how much bang for their buck marketers get from this method. As an example, in 2015, 45% of phone calls in the United States were driven by mobile search alone. Think about that for a moment. Almost half the phone calls generated in one year were a result of a user searching online. It’s a massive opportunity. Not only does it benefit businesses that are using pay per call to advertise, but it also greatly benefits customers. From typing in a keyword to speaking to an expert from an organization that can assist you within moments, pay per call caters to the needs of people in the digital age – wanting information and immediate solutions.

pay per call

CallerReady Pay Per Call Platform

If your business is ready to get in on the power of pay per call advertising and increase profits, CallerReady has the most advanced pay per call platform on the market. Our platform does it all – drives your lead generation to its fullest potential and provides a complete suite of tools that can manage, monitor, customize and optimize your advertising campaigns. By connecting calls to your best agents faster, increasing the number of qualified calls that your agents receive and reducing your outbound calling cost, we can help your business tap into the powerful world of pay per call advertising. To learn more, contact a member of our team today.