How to Reduce Call Abandonment | Pay Per Call




There are several players involved in the complex process of pay per call advertising: the advertiser, the publisher, the pay per call platform, and of course, the caller. A lot of things can go wrong when there are multiple participants in a process and pay per call marketing is no exception. The caller is at the center of everything and if he/she hangs up the phone it’s game over for everyone. If the caller gets tired of waiting for an agent and decides to abandon the call everyone in the process loses

  • the publisher does not get paid for the call
  • the pay per call company does not get its commission
  • the advertiser does not get a lead
  • the caller does not get the information he/she was calling about

This brings the questions: “How do we reduce the number of dropped calls?”

The answer is simple: reduce the wait time for callers and connect them to a person faster. CallerReady has a solution which guarantees that the caller is connected to a live agent in the fastest way possible.


Most advertisers don’t pay the publisher unless the call duration meets certain length requirements. If the call is dropped before that the publisher loses their commission. In some cases, the publisher may also lose their own money as well. For example, if the publisher uses Google AdWords for advertising, they may end up paying AdWords for the click even if they don’t get a commission for the call. One of the main reasons for dropped calls is the fact that callers are often left on hold for an extended period of time. For this reason, it’s very important that the connection between the caller and the agent is made in the fastest way possible.

How Does CallerReady solve for this problem?

Other pay per call platforms offer the call to one call buyer at a time. With this approach, there’s no guarantee that an agent is available to take the call. If the buyer does not accept the call, the call is transferred to the next call buyer. This transfer often takes a significant amount of time. CallerReady’s team recognized the limitations of this approach and created a multi-buyer system that can significantly decrease the wait time for callers.

How Does Multi-Buyer Call Distribution Work?

CallerReady’s proprietary technology offers the call to several competing buyers simultaneously. The first call buyer to respond gets the call. By putting several buyers in competition for the call, the wait time is reduced significantly. Callers are more likely to stay longer on the phone and the publisher is more likely to get paid for the call.

When buyers compete, everyone wins:

  • The caller no longer has to wait for hours before they get in touch with a live agent
  • The advertiser wins by getting qualified calls from happy customers
  • The publisher wins because more of the calls they generate reach billable qualification

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