Benefits of Adding a Click-To-Call Button



Coming up with a website that works with any device, particularly with mobile phones, which most people use to browse the internet, is one of the challenges that internet marketers face. However, the struggle does not just end with making the site work. It must have the best features to surpass its counterparts. These features are necessary to improve the website’s usability. The Click-To-Call Button happens to be one effective feature that can set your business apart from the competition

Click-To-Call Defined

Click-to-call is a clickable link on a page, which puts the phone’s dialer into active mode. The numbers of a webpage are converted, allowing the user to place a call without having to enter any number into their dialer.

How Does the Click-to-Call Button Work?

Create a click-to-call link by placing the ‘tel’ code in ‘href’ symbol. It is important that the number include the international code so that the site visitor will be able to place the call regardless of where they are located. It is important to make the link appear self-explanatory so that the user will not face confusion when they click it.

Click-to-Call Button Can Increase Your Conversion Rates

Since most site visitors make use of their smart phones to search for services and products, a website equipped with the click-to-call button is most likely to receive phone calls from potential clients. The click-to-call button takes advantage of the customer’s need for convenience. With this feature, they can easily place a call to learn more about the details of the product or service in which they are interested.
With click-to-call button, you will be able to track where the calls are coming from. This also makes tracking conversations easier. In fact, tracking these details is as easy as tracing PPC campaign clicks. These advantages make it simpler to identify your callers, their reasons for calling and what’s been said during the call. For more information about call tracking, visit or call us at 877-800-4844.