5 Ways Lead Distribution Software Can Help Your Company

If your company has a high volume of incoming leads, whether phone calls, emails or other queries, you may find that sorting through these leads and directing them to the appropriate salesperson, client or lead buyer becomes a gargantuan task. Lead distribution software is designed to make responding to this influx of leads much easier. If your company finds itself in this position, here is a list of five ways lead distribution software can help.

1. Identify And Classify Lead Types

Lead distribution software can help identify the type of lead received by weighing various factors such as the exclusivity of the lead, the lead’s market value, the lead’s contact information or other demographic data. This information can be used to ensure the lead is sent to the appropriate salesperson or client depending on their criteria for qualified leads.

2. Distribute Leads To The Appropriate Receiver

Lead distribution software sends leads to specific salespeople, lead buyers or call centers depending on the information associated with each lead. In certain call centers, higher quality leads are forwarded to higher performing salespeople whereas other call centers require leads to be given to the first person answering the call. Lead distribution software can be configured to perform according to the needs of the receiver of the leads.

3. Distribute Leads From Multiple Sources

Lead distribution software allows leads to be distributed according to their source. Whether a lead originates from a phone call, web chatbox, email form or other type of communication it will be forwarded to the location best suited for that type of interaction. The lead distribution software can identify how the lead originated and forward it accordingly.

4. Automate Sales And Marketing Tasks

Lead distribution software can allow for the automation of certain sales and marketing tasks such as mass emails, online advertising and data entry. Many lead distribution systems have built-in customer relationship management capabilities which allow further organization and classifications of leads.

5. Reduce Dependency On Computer Programmers

An effective lead distribution software platform can take the place of hiring an expensive, in-house computer programmer. Once the software is configured to work with your type of business any further tweaks or adjustments can easily be made by the individual users of the system.

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