Trackable Phone Numbers

Trackable phone numbers are unique local or toll-free numbers that are applied to a specific marketing campaign. By using trackable phone numbers, businesses can gather data to determine how effectively an advertisement is performing. Trackable phone numbers will indicate detailed source information that will attribute the campaign, publisher, referral source and keyword that led to the call and can not only be used for online search but email and offline campaigns as well.

Trackable Phone Numbers Basics
Telephone calls remain one of the top tools companies use to connect with existing and potential clients. For example, companies usually include phone numbers on their advertisements. When the advertisement sparks an interest, people know how to contact the company so they can speak to a representative.

If the company designates a specific phone number to each advertisement, that number becomes a trackable number. Trackable phone numbers aren’t limited to use with print advertisements. Companies also use them in online ads and include them on their websites and social media accounts.

How Marketers Use Trackable Phone Numbers
Marketers us trackable phone numbers to monitor the progress and effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Imagine a dentist’s office wants to expand and increase the amount of business it does, so it hires a marketing company. The marketer puts together a print and digital campaign to generate leads for the dentist’s office.

Each advertising medium has its own phone number so the marketing team can identify which channel generates the most and best qualified leads. If it notices that the print advertisement outperforms the digital ads, the company may scale back the amount of online advertising it does so it can focus on other, more productive channels.

Advantages of Using Trackable Phone Numbers
The advantage of using trackable phone numbers is that they give marketers, sales managers and business owners the ability to find out which marketing channels are worth their time and money. As they identify which types of advertisements generate the best leads for their companies, they can develop marketing campaigns that actually generate business instead of throwing money away at what’s not working.

When paired with other sales management and customer relationship management tools, trackable phone numbers provide powerful insight into marketing performance. With the right software, it’s possible to identify which channels and members of the sales team provide leads with the greatest conversion rates. Managers can then train staff members to develop the habits of the most successful team members.

Challenges of Working With Trackable Phone Numbers
Incorporating trackable phone numbers in marketing campaigns is not a perfect solution. Companies who try to use too many of them can confuse search engines. It’s also possible for customers to transpose numbers as they write them down or try to make a call from memory. When that happens, it may not be possible to recover that lost lead.

It also takes some technical expertise to install use phone tracking software. Staff members also need training to learn how to read the data and locate the information they need to make future decisions for marketing and customer service. For many companies, these challenges provide learning opportunities.

Who Uses Trackable Phone Numbers
In most businesses, marketing campaign directors and sales managers most frequently work with trackable phone numbers and the related software. These businesses span many different industries. In fact, any company that wants to know how their customers find them can benefits from implementing trackable phone numbers in their marketing strategy.

What Call Tracking Tells You About Your Customers
When you track the phone calls that come into your office, you discover the best ways to connect with your potential customers. You learn more than the types of advertisements that catch their eyes. Call tracking software lets you trace the progression of their phone calls through your system and even the option to listen in on conversations to determine their needs.

The more you understand your customers, the better prepared you are to meet their needs. This gives the customer a positive experience and helps boost the company’s bottom line. Best of all, incorporating tracking software gives you information you can actually see and monitor. When that happens you can set reasonable goals and meet them.

At Caller Ready, our low-cost trackable phone numbers can be assigned to every campaign and our Call Tracking platform will provide the tools to capture and analyze your call data. No matter if you are advertising online or offline, you will be able to attribute which ads led to phone calls to your business.

To take advantage of how call tracking can maximize your advertising spend, connect with a member of the Caller Ready team at 877-800-4844 to discuss how we can help you better understand your call data.