Pay-Per-Call Marketplace

The pay-per-call marketplace is composed of leads, marketers and buyers. The CallerReady platform allows these three parties to interact with the goal of providing the lead with the service or product they desire. This glossary post will cover the various players in the pay-per-call marketplace, the roles they play and how the CallerReady call marketing platform helps them interact and achieve their individual goals.

What Are Leads And What Role Do They Play In the Pay-Per-Call Marketplace?

“Lead” is a technical term for a customer who is interested in buying a product or service. In a brick and mortar retail situation, a lead would walk into a store looking to buy a pair of shoes, a life insurance policy or a vacation package. In the pay-per-call marketplace, the lead expresses interest in a product or service by responding to an advertisement which encourages them to call or text a phone number, fill in an online form or send an email.

What Are Marketers And What Role Do They Play In the Pay-Per-Call Marketplace?

Marketers may also be known as advertisers, publishers, lead generators, lead aggregators or performance marketers among other terms. It’s the marketer’s job to entice the lead to respond to an advertisement or marketing campaign by placing a call, sending a text, filling in an online form or sending an email. Once the lead has made their interest known, it’s up to the marketer to qualify the lead. To conclude whether a lead is qualified or not, the marketer must ensure the lead is actually interested in the product or service. The marketer must also confirm the lead’s associated attributes match those required by the buyer.

What Are Buyers And What Role Do They Play In the Pay-Per-Call Marketplace?

Buyers are the parties who purchase qualified lead information from performance marketers. Buyers and marketers agree on the price of qualified leads while buyers advise marketers of the characteristics necessary to consider a lead qualified. These attributes could include criteria such as the lead’s location, IP address, phone number, demographics, type of product or service they are interested in, amount of time spent on a call or any other characteristics the buyer requires. When a marketer identifies a qualified lead it can transfer the information to the buyer’s agents who can call the lead to try and complete a sale. Similarly, a potential lead can call a phone number provided by the marketer, who qualifies the lead before passing the call onto the buyer’s sales agents.

How Does The CallerReady Platform Help Marketers And Buyers?

The CallerReady platform is ultimately a dynamic customer relationship management system that can be customized to suit the needs of marketers and buyers. There are an unlimited number of ways the platform can be programmed which makes it suitable for all types of high volume, phone call based businesses, regardless of their specific requirements. The platform allows marketers to scale their lead generation activities and provide an ever increasing number of leads to buyers via the appropriate pathways.

How Does The CallerReady Platform Connect Leads, Marketers And Buyers?

Lead-To-Call Automation

Lead-To-Call Automation is suite of software tools that strive to connect leads with the appropriate sales agents as quickly and accurately as possible. Lead-To-Call Automation is able to utilize online forms, email, text messaging, online widgets and interactive voice response (IVR) systems to help identify qualified leads, persuade those qualified leads to make or receive a phone call and automatically connect the qualified leads with the best fit sales agents. Calls can be routed based upon the location, needs or quality of the caller, the skill set, ranking or availability of the sales agent or any other criteria set by the marketer and buyer. Lead-To-Call Automation also ensures that calls are automatically routed so they aren’t missed due to after hours calls, high call volumes, call misdirection or excessive hold times.

Dynamic Call Distribution

Dynamic Call Distribution is a feature of the CallerReady platform that allows calls to be routed according to specific guidelines set by the marketer and buyer. The platform includes the patent pending Multi Buyer Competitive Distribution Phone technology which can award calls based on competitive metrics such as the quickest responding sales agent or the agent with the highest rate of sales success. Incoming phone calls can be qualified by an automated IVR reducing the need for human interaction with unqualified calls. The system also creates reports to allow measurement of campaign effectiveness and provides unique phone numbers for leads to call.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The CallerReady CRM platform is a fully customizable information database that allows a business to qualify, track and manage leads, buyers, calls and sales processes. The system allows filters to be applied and permits easy identification and categorization of the various business components. The CallerReady CRM software empowers a business with trackable, customizable and easy to access information while improving efficiency with automated communication processes.

Call Tracking

The CallerReady platform also includes Call Tracking to allow insight into which marketing campaigns are generating the most (or fewest) incoming phone calls. Call Tracking also allows call data analysis, the creation of unique, trackable phone numbers, attribution of calls to their source and insights into which keywords, search terms or advertisements are most effective.

Data Integration

As a data driven workflow system, the CallerReady platform allows you to share information with all parties involved in the pay-per-call marketplace. CallerReady allows existing data to be seamlessly imported into the platform or exported to another system. Whether a brand new custom integration or an old school database, the CallerReady platform allows the transfer of information in whatever format is needed.

The CallerReady Marketing Platform For Integration Into The Pay-Per-Call Marketplace

The CallerReady marketing platform allows performance marketers and buyers to enter the pay-per-call marketplace and efficiently connect leads with their desired products and services.
For performance marketers and buyers looking to increase their campaign profitability, boost the number of qualified calls and reduce overall expenses, the CallerReady team is ready to provide a free demonstration of their platform to prove its effectiveness.