Marketplace Phone Number

Marketplace phone numbers are used by publishers to assign a unique trackable phone number with dynamic number insertion (DNI) to measure the success of their advertising and lead generation services. When a prospect clicks through to your business’ landing page from an online display ad, a marketplace phone number will be inserted with DNI technology to supply a unique phone number that is tied to that specific search engine, keyword or traffic source.

Why You Need Marketplace Phone Numbers
Your company has a phone number that you use to connect with suppliers, customers and affiliates. It serves its purpose as a communication tool, and you should continue using it as such. Marketplace numbers have a different function. Customers can call them to reach a representative at your company, but you’ll do more than communicate with them through the number. You can track the phone calls to identify important information like where the calls originate, the length of the calls and how many of them convert to actual sales.

How DNI Technology Interacts with Marketplace Phone Numbers
DNI technology is as simple as a line of code that detects the location of visitors to your website. The system them produces a marketplace phone number for the visitor to call. This technology keeps track of each visitor’s IP address so that each time they return to the website, they see the same phone number. What the visitors don’t see is the way the system gathers and stores information about the visit and what they do while they’re browsing the website.

Analyzing the Data
As you start looking at your data, the first metric you want to identify is the sources driving phone calls to your company. If you’ve set up a Google Analytics account, you can track your calls as conversions and compare them to the goals you’ve set to determine the best channels for connecting with customers and generating leads.

You can even track your phone calls by keywords if you assign numbers to specific keywords. When a customer follows a keyword to your site, software displays the phone number assigned to that keyword. This tells you which keywords drive the most traffic to your website so you can focus on them to increase traffic and convert sales.

If you assign phone numbers to search engines and affiliates, you can identify which sites provide the greatest amount of traffic. This helps you distinguish between not only the big search engines like Google and Bing, but it may show you some surprises. Identifying a niche market introduces a new income stream you had not considered.

Better Data Leads to Better Results
The combination of marketplace phone numbers combined with a call tracking platform produces powerful information about your marketing efforts. You can identify the geographical location of your website visitors, monitor how much time they spend on the website and how many times they visit before calling the displayed number and how often they decide to spend money with your company.

With this data, you can do the following:

  • Develop a better understand of your customers’ wants and needs.
  • Choose the best marketing channels to reach your target market.
  • Implement the keywords that attract your customers and lead to conversions.
  • Optimize the products, services and content that drive traffic to your site.
  • Identify metrics for tracking staff effectiveness, marketing campaigns and customer service.
  • Train your staff to boost customer satisfaction and lead conversion.


As a result, you can get your company, products and services in front of the people most likely to do business with you. Your sales team receives better leads that they can convert to sales. You watch your sales and profitability increase. All of this takes place in a format that’s easy to use and more efficient than using your company’s main telephone.

Combine Call Tracking with Marketplace Phone Numbers
Call Tracking can provide clear insight into how well a marketplace phone number is performing. With Caller Ready’s Call Tracking Platform, complete visibility is provided to attribute the affiliate, publisher or source that attracted a prospect to call. With our complete set of tools, marketers can have a real-time understanding of which campaigns are performing and generating revenue.

If you are ready to incorporate a Call Tracking platform to maximize your advertising spend and have better insight into your call data, connect with a member of our team. We can help you choose the best products and services for your needs.