Call Tracking

Call tracking documents information about incoming phone calls. It allows marketers to measure the behavior of callers and associate which performance based advertising methods their calls are linked to. By utilizing different phone numbers for each of your campaigns, you are able to get a clear view of which marketing initiatives are driving the most leads and profit for your business.

What Is Call Tracking Software

Using call tracking enables businesses that run pay-per-call campaigns to track and record details regarding their incoming phone calls. It is also beneficial for local SEO and offline marketing campaigns that end up generating phone calls and knowing which channels triggered the phone call.

It wasn’t too long ago where it was virtually impossible for a business to know where their telephone calls were being generated from. This resulted in being very difficult to determine how effective marketing campaigns were or which ones to spend money on. Today, the latest call tracking software can tell you exactly which marketing efforts are generating lead calls.

What Does Call Tracking Record?

Depending on the program, call tracking can record:

  • A caller’s geographic location
  • The time of an incoming phone call
  • What number a caller dialed
  • The digital marketing source of the call
  • Full recording of the phone call


Once this data has been generated, the information can be used to review:

  • Missed calls
  • Zip code summary
  • Caller names and addresses
  • Frequency of calls by city or area code

What Are The Benefits of Call Tracking?

The main benefit of call tracking is to monitor the various areas of your marketing spend, both digitally and offline and identify which are performing well and which need improvement.

Several areas that call tracking works particularly well for are:

Identifying SEO Traffic: Being able to determine which landing pages are driving the most phone calls to your business

Digital Advertising Campaigns: When a unique trackable phone number is assigned to each of your digital marketing campaigns, your business can see which ad is generating the most conversion and sales.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns: Will indicate which keywords are working best.

What Are Some Different Ways Call Tracking is Used?

Basic Call Tracking:

In its most simple form, call tracking can identify a campaign with a single unique business telephone number. This allows businesses to automatically monitor important phone metrics like the number of phone calls, the location of calls and duration of calls. An example would be if a business wants to see how many pay-per-call lead conversations last longer than 30 seconds.

Campaign-Based Tracking:

In today’s world, almost all organizations run multiple digital advertising campaigns at any given time. A business may have many categories of ad groups based on their different services, location or products. Campaign-based call tracking uses a unique number for each ad variation. An individual number can be assigned to every single different product, entity or even specific keyword. This makes it easy for marketers to separate calls from campaign based ads and analyze.

Dynamic-Number Generation:

This type of call tracking is suitable for large or enterprise businesses. For example, for a brand that has multiple locations across the country or globe, the amount of keyword combination possibilities are endless. In order to truly understand where calls are coming from, what advertising is effective and which keywords are driving the most calls and sales, it is a must to use unique trackable phone numbers and dynamic call tracking software. It is becoming very common for large organizations to literally have thousands of phone numbers reserved for their call pool and tracking. Once a campaign has ended, the trackable phone number can be returned to the pool and used for another campaign.

Does My Business Need Call Tracking?

Every business that relies on pay-per-call, digital marketing or print advertising leads can benefit from call tracking software. There are however some important questions to review to ensure that your organization gets the best solution available for their needs. Ask yourself the following:

  • Can we benefit from analyzing our data from phone calls?
  • What solution and features do we need — basic tracking or more advanced features like conversation analytics?
  • Will it integrate with our existing systems?

Does it Help With Any Other Areas?

Having call tracking also allows businesses to listen to phone calls and improve upon their customer service experience. The data pulled from call tracking software can be used to also identify possible employees or teams that may be underperforming or need additional training. For example, if a report indicating that the majority of inbound lead calls that lasted for less than 30 seconds were predominantly for a particular department or service, those calls could be reviewed to listen to what transpired throughout the conversation.

Getting Started With Call Tracking

The Caller Ready call tracking platform provides powerful tools that capture and analyze your call data so you can maximize your advertising spend. Our source tracking feature provides attribution to your marketing campaigns from the source and publisher lever. No matter if you are advertising via search, email or offline, you will always be able to attribute which ads led to a phone call to your business.

Contact us today to discuss how the Caller Ready CompleteTraceability system will deliver powerful insights into your marketing campaigns.